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Fruitify Snaps

Instantly Tightens The Vagina Naturally! 

🌿 100% Organic Ingredients: Our unique and fresh Tight & Fit sticks are carefully blended by a life-long herbalist who picks every herb with care! A USA Formulation that You can Trust

🌿 Natural Tightening: Restore natural Vaginal Elasticity without Expensive Surgery or time-consuming Kegel Exercise, Pearls Weights and inefficient Tightening Creams

🌿 Replenishes and refreshes the vaginal wall

1. Gently wet the tip of the wand with warm water for 10 seconds
2. Insert quarter - half of the wand slowly into the vagina for up to 5 minutes while rotating
3. Rinse the vagina after application to clear away discharge or residue
4. Wash the wand with running water and store it in a cool, ventilated dry place
5. Do not soak or put in warm water. Do not store it without drying completely.

***Best to pair with The Bring Me Purpose Oil or Moisture Pills***
***For ultimate vaginal tightening get The Tightening Kit***


Madura Herb's root, Aloe Vera, Fructus Cnidii, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis, Herba Schizonepetae, Pearl Powder,

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