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What Happens When Vagina Gets Wet?

What Happens When Vagina Gets Wet?

August 03, 2022

What is vaginal wetness?


The vaginal fluid is a thin layer of fluid that lines the vaginal walls and helps:

  • Lubricating the vagina, which makes the intercourse easier

  • Minimizing or preventing vaginal pain

  • Supporting fertility


Vaginal fluid is typically made up of water, salts of phosphate and sodium chloride, organic compounds such as amino acids and lipids, antibodies, and sloughed cell linings of the uterus and cervix. The body may normally produce 1-4 mm of vaginal fluid daily.



What causes vaginal wetness?

Several factors may cause vaginal wetness; sexual arousal is not the only reason. It can be a natural part of the body’s physiological functioning.

Lubrication of the vagina protects it from any injury or prevents tearing and keeps it moist and clean.


  • Arousal or excitement

  • Hormonal changes or aging

  • Infection: 

If there is excessive or abnormal vaginal discharge, there could be a high possibility of bacterial or fungal infection.



  • Medication

  • Vaginal sweat

  • Cervical fluid: 

A thick, creamy, yellowish, whitish, and sticky, damp discharge is quite normal vaginal discharge, and it changes with the cycle and hormone levels.





When to see a doctor?


If you experience the following symptoms, immediately consult a doctor:

  • Foul-smelling or different texture vaginal discharge
  • Burning, itching, sensitivity, or pain in the vaginal area
  • The vaginal area is swollen
  • Vaginal dryness
  • The vaginal area becomes more or less wet than usual due to new medications
  • Green or yellowish discharge

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